Employee Assistance Please!

Employee Assistance Plans (EAPs) are one of a company’s best treasures.

But, Who Pays for the EAP plan?

I had a client ask what would be the best way to obtain an E.A.P. plan for employees and should the employer absorb the costs? Firstly, E.A.P. is an acronym for Employee Assistance Plan. Unfortunately, employees rarely realize that they have access to this benefit which is usually offered “free” to the employees. So, once you get the program, make sure you promote it. E.A.P. is a tool used to support a business’ philosophy that they really care about their employees…really. Because the organization cares, they will offer an E.A.P. that will allow the employee to deal with any personal issues through an E.A.P counselor. The E.A.P. will also allow the employee an opportunity to services such as budget counseling, research and advice on a variety of endless topics. The employer can obtain an E.A.P. by contacting its benefit provider and discussing what E.A.P. services they offer. If there is a fee to the employer, they should pay it so that the employee will know this is a benefit from their employer. The good news for employers is that a lot of medical plans throw this plan in as a bonus depending on the plan and the amount of employees. E.A.P.’s will protect a company by preventing supervisors and managers from pretending to be social workers. It allows the employee to deal with personal issues through the E.A.P. so that everyone can be more productive in the workplace.


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